Bootcamp Somerset success through hard work and initiative

BootcampPrime Minister David Cameron has said he will champion “hard work”, “initiative” and “the courage to make your dream happen”: BBC article

In North Somerset alone there are many examples of people already making his vision a reality. One such example is Bootcamp Somerset. A personal training initiative launched by Weston born Matt Jupp after he took voluntary redundancy from his job on the Grand Pier, following the now world famous fire:

“I became fully qualified and set up my personal training business because becoming a personal trainer was something I’ve always wanted to do.

“It was a difficult decision to decide whether to either play it safe and get another 9-5 job or go into self-employment and take a risk, knowing that many businesses don’t break even in the first year.”

Matt went with his instincts and is now reaping the rewards. Despite only forming last year he has already trained over 100 clients that have included police officers, footballers and even dog agility trainers.

Flexible on time and competitively priced, it’s no wonder Bootcamp Somerset has been such a hit with people looking to get fit, and Matt is keen to stress that his approach is tailor made to each individual:

“I design the training so it’s exclusive and the groups are limited in size – up to ten people per session. This means my customers will always get the best possible service and quality personal training for a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

“As the groups are small, clients bond more, train harder and feel part of a team and not just a number.

“It’s not just about getting involved today. It’s about making a commitment to change your lifestyle and get more active,” Matt comments.

Amongst the many clients to get fit, healthy and have fun courtesy of Matt is Sam Cross, who works for North Somerset’s largest marketing agency ASG Marketing. He comments:

“For the amount of money you pay and the attention and expertise you get, Bootcamp Somerset is the best personal training option around. It’s really friendly and you really see the difference if you stick to it. Matt is also really flexible with times and makes you see the long term benefits of getting fit and supports you with nutrition as well.”

Bootcamp Somerset is also an official affiliate of the Go4life project, which is a North Somerset scheme encouraging and supporting people to get more healthy and active.

To find out more about Bootcamp Somerset and what times Matt takes his friendly sessions, along with prices visit: or call Matt on: 07749747861