Bottle Yard Studios announce new ‘green’ transport partnership

Nick Kenyon (left) & Fiona Francombe (right)

Nick Kenyon (left) & Fiona Francombe (right)

Bristol’s Bottle Yard Studios has announced a new partnership with local company Studio Cars, to provide eco-friendly, high quality chauffeur services to productions based at the Studios.

The on-site ‘green transport’ partnership means that productions based at The Bottle Yard will now be able to quickly and easily hire an environmentally friendly chauffeur service to transport cast and production staff during their time at the Studios.

From its on-site base at The Bottle Yard, Bristol film and TV transport company Studio Cars will use its fleet of high quality, low emission executive Mercedes Benz vehicles to transport industry professionals around the city, across the West and further afield across the UK.

Studio Cars is also expanding its fleet to include a number of top-of-the-range electric cars, which will be charged at charging points on-site at the Studios, providing completely emission-free transport.

Fiona Francombe, Site Director of The Bottle Yard Studios comments: “We’re hugely excited to launch this new partnership, for a number of reasons.

“On a practical level it enables us to officially offer for the very first time our own dedicated transport for industry professionals based with us.

“More importantly, it gives the productions based with us the chance to make a real difference to their carbon footprint.

“By using Studio Cars they achieve the highest quality of transport for their cast, crew and VIP’s, safe in the knowledge that they are lowering the harmful emissions generated throughout a typical shoot.

“They are also being driven by highly experienced unit drivers who have worked extensively in the region for a number of years.”

Nick Kenyon, Founder of Studio Cars, says: “We’re delighted to be embarking upon this partnership with The Bottle Yard Studios.

“Myself and my fellow seasoned drivers have been behind the wheel driving together for high profile film and TV clients for almost 12 years now.”