BPEC hold annual summer event at Bristol Zoo

BPEC at Bristol Zoo

Successful Bristol entrepreneurs, who invest in and support the city’s growing businesses, held their summer event at Bristol Zoo. This was to celebrate £3 million having been invested in 10 growth businesses since launch two years ago.

Bristol Private Equity Club enables those who have been successful in business to pass on their expertise and vital funds to businesses that can convince them they have a bright future.

The club was founded in May 2016 and has grown from six to 70 members, primarily supporting projects requiring between £100,000 and £500,000 of equity funding.

Club Chairman Allan Rosengren said: “We are a club rather than a fund, so each of our members will decide whether they will personally invest in the businesses which present to us. Above all, we want it to be enjoyable for us as well as good business and events like this are part of our growing social programme.

“The club had after-hours access to the zoo where our members, who have all been involved in their own successful business, were able meet with each other and the businesses we have invested in. Mixing and chatting in an informal setting is a great recipe for success and I am often struck by the very worthwhile ideas which come from such get togethers.

“Good business is not simply about numbers, it is often far more about relationships and empathy between everyone.”

Jerry Barnes, who founded the club, said: “We have now invested in 10 businesses, all based in the Bristol area or with strong connections here. Investments have topped £3 million and we invariably give growing and scalable businesses access to skills, expertise and further opportunities for growth as well as funding.

“Bristol has some extraordinary ground-breaking businesses that have passed the start-up and incubation stage but just need a little more support to tip over into major success.

“Our members get the benefit of an organised process to receive, review and discuss business plans so they can share information, input their expertise and share in the risk and reward of investment in those businesses that they like on a deal by deal basis.”