Brand marketing mistakes you should never make

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The biggest brand marketing mistakes you should never make

Whether you’re a business start-up, heading into a new marketing role, or taking your brand out of the Stone Age and launching it into the digital sphere, you will no doubt come across some speed bumps along the way.

Many brands today slip-up by making silly mistakes and not using 360 degree thinking, for example some brands may put all their efforts into their social media strategy whilst forgetting their key customer activity, for a brand to be successful it needs to consider every aspect of the business.

In today’s tough market, a brand needs to know its business aims back to front, it must have a solid strategy and crisis management in place incase anything goes wrong.

To assist you, the experts at Romax have listed the biggest and most common marketing mistakes that brands make and how they affect a brand and the consumer’s perspective of that brand – this should hopefully steer you away from failure and into a better understanding of how to create a successful and thriving business.

Inconsistent content

You’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘content is king’, well whoever made up that term was definitely onto something. In a time where online is taking over print and bloggers are becoming more influential than magazine journalists, it means that online is everything, and just about anyone can create interesting and engaging content.

The internet is your oyster, and you should use this to your brands advantage. If you look at any successful business today, chances are they will have a company blog on their website which is updated weekly, in fact it has been found that companies with blogs produce 67 percent more leads per month than companies who don’t have a blog.

This is definitely something to consider if you want to draw in engagement and activity. However it needs to be consistent, there’s no point doing the odd blog post here and there, whether its weekly, monthly or yearly you need to be consistent, It’s also a good way to keep your customers in the loop of things going on within the company.

Lack of online engagement

If your brand is not on social media then you are definitely missing the mark and your business will suffer. With most consumer activity happening over social media, it means if you are not on any of these channels you’re missing out on key customers.

A study into social media found that 67% of consumers use a company’s social media site for servicing, as well as 33% of users preferring to contact brands via social media rather than the telephone or email. Also note that every brand is

different, whilst Facebook campaigns work for some brands, Instagram sponsorships work for others, find out what works for you and you will definitely see better results.

Not going mobile

A brands biggest mistake would be not going mobile. A recent report has shown that over half of traffic to retail websites is now coming via smartphones and tablets and that mobile commerce now accounts for 36% of UK e-retail sales.

This data simply means that if your business isn’t mobile friendly, it could deter the consumer from buying from your business, this may also mean that you may lose that customer to another brand offering a similar thing.

Too much selling

No consumer wants to receive shouty emails, tweets or phone calls with your brand talking about what they offer time and time again. This may seem like the quickest way to get a sale, but it’s very old hat and detrimental to your brand.

The odd sell in email doesn’t hurt, but try to blend it in amongst other content that is less about you and more about your sector as a whole.

Ignoring negative feedback

Many businesses and brands hate negative feedback, I mean realistically who likes it, it’s not a great feeling, yet as a brand you have to take this negative feedback and turn it into something positive.

If the customer did not like something and took the time to leave feedback, surely that means you are missing the mark somewhere, and rather than have a strop it’s better to take these things on board and improve for next time.

If you receive negative feedback over social media, it always looks better if you reply to that customer apologising and perhaps asking if they can elaborate so you can really get to the heart of the problem and understand it to a better degree the fault.

Lack of social media understanding

Similar to what we touched on earlier in engagement, if you have social media but leave it for days without a tweet or a post chances are your customers will either unfollow or will be less likely to engage when you do post.

The most successful social media platforms are the ones that are consistent and speak directly to their customers, you must also make sure that your content is targeted to the right audience.

Failure to measure results

A failure to measure results can sometimes be the pitfall in a company, and can mean that your strategy is all over the place and not accurate.

This task can sometimes be a little overwhelming for some people meaning the data is a little off, so it may be best to have an in-house marketing and SEO executive who can measure results accurately using websites such as Google Analytics.

Having a loose strategy or no strategy at all

Many brands lose out on consumer activity by not having a solid strategy in place from the get go. There is a well-known business statistic that 90% of organisations fail to execute on their strategies.

Without a strong strategy a brands business objectives and goals can seem unachievable and a little unclear, it will leave employees without any solid idea or plan behind a business venture. A recent

study into business development found that “Fuzzy business objectives, out-of-sync stakeholders, and excessive rework” meant that 75% of employees lacked confidence that their projects would succeed. It’s best to come up with a solid 360 plan which covers every aspect so everyone knows exactly what they’re working on.

Not knowing your customer

This is quite a common mistake made by many businesses. Many brands think they know their customer going by what they are offering, yet without any market research how do they really know who they are targeting.

Not knowing your core customer, the key consumer is a classic mistake that can cost your business, again it comes down to planning, strategy and market research.

Ignoring market research

Market research is imperative when it comes to a launching a successful startup or getting feedback on a new product. Before you can market a brand you need to know your consumer and who your targeting, as well as their wants and needs.

If you don’t know who your customers are, how are you going to reach them?

The wrong branding

Branding can make a huge impact on a brands success, and sometimes the simplest yet consistent branding works. Look at brands such as Nike and Starbucks, using consistent brand marketing they are able to engage their audience and are recognizable against competitors.

An interesting study found that a signature colour can boost brand recognition by 80% – which is a huge amount. It is amazing how many brands make branding mistakes that do not target their core consumer, you want to ensure the branding is both appealing to the consumer as well as in keeping with your brand offering.


Budgets can be a tricky area to tackle, and often can be a lacking in some areas, leaving out core elements of a business. For example if you have a substantial budget for product development, but have a poor budget for marketing then your consumers will not even see the amazing products you are creating, so what’s the point?

Marketing is a crucial element within the business mix and so you will need to ensure you have a healthy budget for this area to ensure maximum exposure when it comes to launch.

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