Branding and Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world today. People love it because it offers jaw-dropping discounts, fast shipping (unlimited one-day or two-day free shipping if you are a member of Amazon Prime), a wide range of products, and an excellent customer service. However, the brand is a favorite of sellers too, especially the ones who are a part of the FBA i.e. Fulfilled by Amazon network.

Amazon FBA is one of the most popular tools that successful Amazon sellers use to grow sales. It allows you to gain more visibility in the marketplace and acquire a large number of happy and satisfied customers. This is because your orders are processed and shipped faster than regular sellers. Your customers also get free shipping and other perks which make the program simply advantageous for any type of business. However, to make the most of this amazing service and see your products sell like hot cakes, you must have top-notch branding in place as well. For that, you need the following:

High-Quality Product Images

The SMBs have to face a lot of challenges in today’s competitive environment which is why abandoned purchases are costing them £28.5 billion a year, which is a lot. Although this is largely because of the fact that they don’t offer flexible and convenient payment options to their customers, it’s also because they don’t elevate their business enough. For instance, when you use copyrighted product images or images that are blurry or pixelated, it reflects poorly on your business. So, make sure that you take high-quality images of your products by using bright locations and appropriate backgrounds.

Original and Creative Logo

There are hundreds of sellers on the Amazon store many of which are a part of the FBA network. So, to stand out from the rest you must have a unique business logo. You can quickly make one with an online logo maker yourself, or if you want, you can take help from a graphic designer through platforms like or a 99designs.

Premium Packaging

You may not like it, but the customers often “judge the book by its cover”. So, you may have the best quality product, but if it’s not packaged well, it may fail to create a good impression on your customers. So, invest in a good packaging material and make your premium products “look” premium as well.

Getting started with Amazon FBA may seem like a challenge. However, once you have established your business as a brand, you can expect to see a massive spike in sales and profits. Good luck!