Branston’s set to see demand for potatoes double week before Christmas

plainroast001-medAn Ilminster based business says it will see the amount of potatoes it packs double from 150 to 300 tonnes in the week before Christmas.

“From 13th December we really start to see uplift in demand for spuds as families across the country prepare for the festive season,” said Ian Wait, operations director at Branston.

“During the lead up to Christmas our potato packing jumps from 150 tonnes a day to over 300 tonnes on the peak days in the week before Christmas, with our production facility going in to overdrive to meet demand.

“Last year more than 16.2 million packs potatoes were sold through UK retailers during the week up to Christmas; with every household in the UK purchasing an average of 1.6kg of potatoes for the holidays.”

Research shows that large family gatherings are the norm this festive season with 60% of households intending to cook dinner for six or more people.

Less than a third (28%) of households will be eating alone with just one other person.

Ian continues: “This year we’re expecting the greatest demand for packs of potatoes to be on 23rd December, but with Christmas day landing on a Sunday, there may also be quite a few shoppers braving the supermarkets on Saturday too.”