Brexit Secretary resigns and accuses PM of ‘giving away too much too easily’

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David Davis

Brexit Secretary David Davis has resigned from his post, following a meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May this weekend.

Davis had been leading the UK’s negotiations with the EU, but has publicly stated that he no longer feels that he is the best person to deliver the PM’s Brexit strategy.

Theresa May did not agree with Davis’ decision but has thanked him for his work during the Brexit negotiations.

Following the announcement, Davis stated that he felt that the UK government had “given away too much and too easily” – a feeling shared with many of Davis’ former colleagues.

May had been looking to win over some of the Eurosceptic MPs within her party, with the hopes of uniting parliament under her planned Brexit vision.

With talks with Brussels set to continue soon, May has immediately replaced Davis with the Housing Minister, Dominic Rabb.

A leading leave campaigner before the Brexit vote, Rabb will be looking to unite the party – who only have a slim majority as it is.

Eurosceptic Conservatives have praised Davis’ decision and Labour MPs have attacked May’s position as PM – stating that she has ‘no authority left’.

Rumoured replacement for May – should any more party disenchantment continue – Jacob Rees-Mogg, has stated that the PM has failed in her duty. In an interview this morning, he stated; “The government don’t believe in Brexit. I do.”

More to follow.

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