Bringing Mary Jane into the bedroom


A US health and wellness company has created a range of cannabis-derived products for intimate use.

Foria offers three products for intimate use: ‘Pleasure’ is a THC arousal lubricant aimed at lowering discomfort and heightening female sexual response. ‘Relief’, meanwhile, contains both THC and CBD and acts as a pain-relief vaginal suppository. The product is aimed at combatting menstrual pain. Finally, ‘Explore’ contains both THC and CBD and is designed as a lubricating suppository which soothes pain and facilitates erotic activities.

Foria also offers a fourth product, ‘Empower’, which is a THC/CBD vaping pen.

THC and CBD are the two key active cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis. THC is psychoactive, recreating the psychological high of marijuana. Sensory effects can include euphoria, a sense of relaxation, heightened perception (e.g., seeing brighter colours), laughter, an altered perception of time, and increased appetite. THC can also have negative effects, including anxiety, panic and paranoia.

CBD is not psychoactive and is more often used as a nutritional or dietary supplement or as pain relief.

Foria’s products are currently only available in US states California and Colorado, and only with a medical marijuana card or a physician’s recommendation letter. These products may, however, offer a peek into a future boom industry of cannabis-derived products for intimate use.

Other companies including Yummi Karma, Privy Peach, 1906, CBD Daily, and Dosist have also developed cannabinoid products for use in a sexual context.

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