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Campaign group lobbies region’s MPs

A group of MPs whose constituencies surround Bristol Airport have received over 1,200 emails calling for a cut in the UK’s flight tax.

Dr Liam Fox, MP for North Somerset, the constituency in which Bristol Airport is located has himself received over 200 messages calling for action on Air Passenger Duty (APD).

Whilst Weston MP John Penrose has also received a number of messages regarding the subject.

Nearly 100,000 people nationwide have backed the A Fair Tax on Flying campaign which is calling for action on APD.

The campaign is lobbying MPs to back measures being touted to reduce the tax and is supported by many in the UK travel and tourism industry, including Bristol Airport.

APD in the UK is over 8.5 times the European average and twice the amount levied in Germany – the second most expensive rate in Europe behind the UK.

Acccording to A Fair Tax on Flying, a family of four flying economy from the UK to the US pays £260 in APD.

In France the equivalent tax is just £38. Whilst on European flights, a British family pays 12 times as much tax as their French counterparts.

The group suggests that APD also makes it more expensive for tourists to visit the UK, deters inward investment and increases costs for businesses operating in overseas markets.

Robert Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer at Bristol Airport, said:“While most other European countries have reduced or scrapped their flight tax, British passengers face ever increasing costs when travelling on business or taking a well earned holiday, and inbound visitors are also affected.

“We have just enjoyed the most successful Olympics in living memory, but unfortunately all those athletes and spectators who helped make it so memorable will have faced a huge tax bill when flying home.

“This threatens our ability to capitalise on the goodwill and global profile generated by the Games.

“The success of the campaign demonstrates that this is not just an aviation industry issue, but a real concern for the travelling public in the West of England.

“I hope MPs across the region will take action, starting by signing a parliamentary motion (Early Day Motion 174) expressing concern about APD’s financial impact on ordinary families and their ability to fly, and calling on HM Treasury to commission a comprehensive study into the full economic effects of aviation tax in the UK.”

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