Bristol based Baltimore Consulting give all staff the opportunity to work a 4-day working week

Bristol-based recruitment company, Baltimore Consulting, has reduced contractual hours and given all staff the opportunity to earn a 4-day working week.

During the pandemic CEO Charmaine Vincent says she reduced contractual hours on a Friday, from a 5:30 finish to 3 to help facilitate work-life balance.

As of this week, she has reduced contractual hours even further, for all employees to 08:30-12:00 on a Friday.

Charmaine comments: ‘We recognise that 1 in 6 employees suffer with some form of mental health condition, from anxiety, through to depression and that work is the main cause of stress and mental illness for today’s workforce over any other factor.

‘We know how important work-life balance is in promoting a healthy work environment, and at Baltimore Consulting, we provide employees with several initiatives to promote a healthy balance, from our hybrid working approach to remote working opportunities and corporate gym and wellbeing memberships. Maintaining work-life balance helps reduce stress and helps prevent burnout in the workplace.’

Furthermore, everyone in the business will have a set of obtainable weekly targets and objectives to hit, giving all employees the chance to have Fridays off completely and work a 4-day week.

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