Bristol-based foodservice company expands delivery fleet following growth

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Colin Bardsley Charles Saunders Foodservice
Transport manager Colin Bardsley next to one of the new trucks

A growing Bristol-based foodservice company has added nine state-of-the-art eco-friendly vehicles to its fleet.

Charles Saunders Foodservice has made the investment, which increases the size of the fleet to 35 commercial vehicles, to improve convenience for customers, as well as in response to an increase in sales.

The trucks, designed by the firm’s transport manager Colin Bardsley, contain separate compartments, allowing frozen, chilled, fish, ambient, disposable and chemical products to be transported safely in the same vehicle.  Historically, products would be delivered in separate trucks.

The new additions to the fleet are also bigger to cater for an increase in new customers as well as orders from existing clients.

Colin said: “The new trucks have enormous benefits for efficiency and safety.

“They allow for greater customer convenience as all products can be delivered in a single truck.

“The compartmentalisation and temperature control ensures food and non-food products are kept entirely separate for peace of mind, and the new diesel-run freezers use only the exact amount of energy needed to keep frozen food to temperature.

“Underside tail lifts for drop loading and a front side loading door enable easy access and speedier loading and unloading.

“And the vehicles also encompass a number of road safety features, including an eight-side-angle camera surround system with audible beep for enhanced awareness of cyclists. They also have a lane detection system to increase driver safety on motorways.”

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