Bristol business launches new product that is ‘the future’ of exhibition and display

Clip's Sales & Marketing Director Paul Runacres

Clip’s Sales & Marketing Director Paul Runacres

A Bristol based firm that is an international leader in the design and build of exhibition stands, has launched a new product that it believes represents the future of exhibiting at events for businesses.

Clip Exhibition and Display, operate both nationally and internationally and has a turnover of £8.5 million. The company employ over 50 staff in Bristol; and has spent over a year developing the new product, which is called Refresh.

Refresh is an industry and UK first and will bridge the gap between a simple shell scheme and expensive full-blown stands, by offering a ‘third option’ – that is multi-purpose and low-cost.

Doug Gosling, who has over thirty years’ experience in the exhibition and display sector, has been appointed by Clip to head up the launch of the product and promote it across multiple sectors.

He says the new product is a premium quality fabric based system that is easily re-configured into any shape or size, using the same components and without the need to use any tools.

He also says that business owners will be able to create a product that can be used for internal communications and conferences, as well as at exhibitions.

Doug comments: “Refresh can be a pop up stand or a purpose built stand – it can be whatever you want it to be and will save business owner’s money and time, regardless of what sector they operate in. Unlike other stands, the development and versatility of refresh makes it futureproof.”

Paul Runacres, Sales & Marketing Director at Clip, comments: “We’ve invested hundreds of thousands to produce Refresh, which is easy to assemble, easy to transport, modular, multi-purpose and looks great, and you don’t need to hire outside contractors to construct it if you don’t want to.”

The company is an international leader in the design and building of exhibition stands for companies of all sizes and work with a host of companies across the South West and internationally including Thatchers Cider, HSBC, Nandos, Hilton, Google, Westons Cider, BT and GSK.

Clip have also recently invested thousands to build a 13,000 sq ft live lounge, which is based in Pucklechurch, in order to support its clients and the flourishing creative sector.

Clip will be launching the new product “Refresh” at its live lounge at the end of June, with an additional London launch soon afterwards.