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Bristol MD says it’s time to set up ‘mastermind’ group for young directors

Brady George

The Managing Director of a fast-growing Bristol business has come on record to say that the next generation of company owners would benefit from a ‘mastermind’ group that gives them the opportunity to discuss burning business issues.

Brady George is the Managing Director of Almeda: a family business which specialises in facilities management and counts English Heritage and Bristol and Bath Science Park among its list of clients.

He was just 29 when he became Managing Director of the company founded by his father, Gary George, and believes that young business directors such as himself would benefit from a dedicated platform to discuss the unique challenges they face in their roles.

He explains: “In the South West there are lots of fantastic networking groups for business owners, both young and old, and these provide a fantastic opportunity for young entrepreneurs and managing directors to learn from those who have more experience than us.

“However, young business owners are very much in the minority and, as such, it’s easy to feel alone in the challenges that you face. In an age dominated by social media we mostly witness the positive outcomes of others’ business endeavours, but the reality is that company directors under 35 likely share very similar problems.

He continues: “A South West based mastermind group for young business owners would provide an incredibly helpful platform for everyone involved to air their concerns and to discuss the difficulties that confront them. Attendees could then receive encouragement and advice from like-minded individuals who are in a similar place, business-wise.”

Brady says that the group would be best limited to a select number, so it doesn’t become another networking group and is keen to get plans off the ground for such an organisation.

Almeda was established in 1981 as an electrical contractor but has since shifted its focus to become a facilities management firm concentrated on providing working environments that are sustainable and as environmentally clean as possible.

Indeed, in this year’s National Family Business Awards Almeda was presented with the Big Heart Award in recognition of the company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and to sustainability.

Brady himself has also won a string of Awards include the national IoD award for Corporate Social Responsibility and the customer service award at the Bristol Post Business Awards.