Bristol software firm opens new office in prestigious €442m Romanian development

The new Amdaris office in Romania.

The new Amdaris office in Romania.

Award-winning Bristol-based software engineering firm Amdaris has revealed plans to open a new 100-strong office at one of Europe’s top tech workspaces.

Amdaris has enjoyed rapid growth, and that is set to continue with its expansion into Timișoara in Romania, where it will open a state-of-the-art facility in a new €442m mixed-use development.

Founded in Bristol in 2009, Amdaris has since established offices in Dubai and Moldova, as well as Romania.

The expansion has enabled it to grow swiftly as a software development and managed services provider of choice for clients across Europe and the Middle East.

The new site also gives the company a high-profile position in the increasingly competitive market for software talent in northwest Romania – a big incentive for the move, according to Timișoara Centre Director Anna Grier.

She said: “Our previous office was not bad, but it was not particularly special either. We were split between levels and we lacked the open spaces for collaborative working and socialising.

“At Amdaris we talk about bringing our ‘A game.’ That’s exactly what this office does. It tells everyone in Romania’s tech sector that Amdaris is a top employer.”

The new office reflects the dynamic visual design first used at Amdaris’ central Bristol headquarters.

The floorplan provides different zones for individual and collaborative work, socialising, and relaxation. There are plenty of breakout spaces, comfortable meeting rooms, recreational facilities, and a fully-equipped kitchen with large tables to encourage communal dining.

It is located in a brand-new 14-storey building which was only completed in August 2019.

It is also positioned within the wider Iulius Town, a mixed-use development which includes three other office towers, a shopping mall, a grocery store, an on-site childcare provider, a cinema, and the largest health and fitness centre in Romania.

The anchor of the complex is a vast park, featuring over 1,400 trees, several playgrounds, an ice rink, and a double-decker carousel.

Amdaris co-CEO Andy Rogers said: “In the past 12 months, the Timișoara Centre headcount has grown from 30 to over 60, even though competition for development talent in Romania is intense. Maintaining that level of growth requires having a well-known brand and a reputation for caring for our employees.

“The new Iulius Town location accomplishes both goals. It is a high-profile location, and we believe it is the best office in the entire complex.”

According to Grier, the team has been enthusiastic about the move.

“Everyone really likes the new office,” she said. “The facilities inside and outside the office are amazing. We feel like Cinderella – suddenly we have become a princess!”