Bristol takes the world stage as leading sustainable city

Bristol Green CapitalAs European Green Capital 2015, Bristol is forging relationships with cities across the world to work on common challenges such as climate change and identify future opportunities that will bring jobs and growth to the city.

Mayor George Ferguson is currently at the ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) World Congress in Seoul in South Korea (8-12 April).

The event brings together world cities to discuss and take forward sustainable solutions in the build up to the United Nations Climate Summit in Paris at the end of the year.

The Mayor gave an enthusiastically received speech at the Congress on Bristol’s environmental achievements and its ambitions to become an exemplar sustainable city.

He described the path to Bristol being awarded European Green Capital. He promoted Bristol 2015’s role as a catalyst for local change, explaining how the city is using it as a platform to influence national policy, support change on a global level, and reaffirm Bristol’s status as a low carbon city.

The profile of Bristol and the European Green Capital scheme is high at the Congress, with the Mayor being joined by mayors from Copenhagen and Ljubjiana, the European Green Capitals for 2014 and 2016.

Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson comments: “Cities across the world are playing an increasingly vital role in making sure we and our children live in a more sustainable world.

“Mayor Park is one of the most remarkable city mayors in the world and an inspiration to many. I was delighted to receive honorary citizenship of Seoul – a true world city.

“My few days in South Korea have gone far beyond environmental concerns. It has opened up opportunities for investment and collaboration, including research, which should reap future rewards for Bristol and its universities.”