Bristol tech company wins backing for multi-million pound 5G project

Zeetta Networks

The METRO-HAUL consortium, where Bristol-based Zeetta Networks is a partner, have been successfully awarded a €7.78m EU funding package.

The funding will allow them to investigate cost-efficient optical metro networks to meet the challenges of 5G backhaul.

The bid is a collaborative project comprised of 21 partners representing the “who’s who” in the European Telecoms industry; led by BT and including Telecom Italia, Telefonica, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent and research hubs across Europe, such as the University of Bristol.

The planned project, METRO-HAUL, will advance the integration of optical technologies significantly with the aim to design and build a smart, cost-effective, optical metro infrastructure able to support increased traffic originating from diverse 5G access networks.

Vassilis Seferidis, CEO of Zeetta Networks said: “We are very proud to have played a key role in this successful EU funding bid and to be collaborating with such a group of leading researchers, Tier 1 telecoms operators, innovative SMEs, and influencers in the 5G space.”