Bristol tech firm buck gender pay-gap trend

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Bristol-based cloud distributor firm intY has published internal gender pay-gap data that shows female staff are paid 3% more than their male counterparts.

This contrasts with the industry average of 18% in favour of men.

When comparing like-for-like jobs, women and men at intY are found to be paid exactly the same. In addition, 40% of board members, 57% of the management team and 31% of the intY senior positions are held by women.

intY isn’t required to reveal gender pay gap data as per the UK Government’s request, however has chosen to do so. The results show women who work at the tech firm are paid 3% more than men. This is based on the median measure, which is the level of pay that. Out of intY’s 56 members of staff, a third are women.

Craig Joseph, CEO, intY said: “The issue is that the UK Government has asked for companies to provide salary data and are basing their conclusions on the median value. This provides a basic indication, but it doesn’t factor in the role or the seniority of both genders, which is equally as important when monitoring equal opportunities in the workplace.

“It is intY’s position that pay for like-for-like roles should be equal regardless of gender, and comparing salaries across the business based on gender alone, without context, is misleading.”

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