Bristol Technology Showcase and Industrial Revolution 4.0: Is your business ready?

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The Bristol Technology Showcase (BTS) is taking place on the 8th of November, in front of the iconic Concorde. The event is focusing on emerging technologies and the 4th Industrial Revolution and what they mean to businesses and wider society.

With world-class speakers and some of the best technologies in the region which are leading their field at a global level, BTS has some amazing content to share this year. Delegates will get the chance to listen to Katherine Bennett CBE, Senior Vice President of Airbus UK, Simon Beswick, International CEO of Osborne Clarke, Jonny Codling, VP of Product at Ultraleap, Zara Nanu, CEO of Gapsquare and many more industry leaders.

In addition, global futurist Gerd Leonhard will be delivering his closing keynote “Technology vs Humanity: the next 10 years” to all delegates giving his vision of the future.

The event has multiple functions to provide delegates an irresistible mix of debates, presentations and exhibitions. These include:

The Concorde Stage

Join other delegates listening to key discussions and debates on some of the key issues that a business must consider. How is technology affecting a company’s relationship with its customers or consumers? In addition, how will new technologies support a company’s commitment to the environment, how can technology help bring businesses closer to their communities. Also, what does the future of work look like and how will organisations handle the inevitability of redundant skills, new skills and also the impact on employee wellbeing.

The Future’s Room

In the Future’s Room, delegates with get insights of various technologies and understand just how advanced some of these capabilities are and what level of impact they are likely to have on businesses. You will be able to listen to the Future Of Voice Technologies, Spatial Interaction, Robotics, Connected and Automated Mobility, Quantum Computing, Farming and The Future of Industrial High Value Design. Something to learn and inspire for everyone.

The Exhibition

The exhibition space will allow delegates to experience various technologies first-hand and really think about how they could be used in their business. With some of the best technology companies in the region on display, meet the experts to really understand what they could do for your business.

Delegate tickets will have access to all debates, speakers and exhibition spaces. Lunch and refreshments are also included. To find out more or to buy tickets, please visit the website.

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