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Moon Consulting on how best to build your board

Moon Consulting

Our strength is in building effective Boards

When it comes to appointing a new Board member, we understand you must first identify what skills are required on your Board by analysing the current strengths and weaknesses; the aim is to plug the skills gap.

Consider your Board dynamics

A new Board member should have a skillset that complements that of the current board; as well as this, new Board members will bring an abundance of new connections and a wealth of knowledge gained through first-hand experience.

Your Instincts are normally right

Having considered skills, experience and network, your board needs to cultivate a climate of respect to enable Board members to challenge opinions with intelligent questions and promote effective debate.

Now Trust an Expert

We track and spot talent, identifying thought leaders, presenting those future leaders to our clients. We partner every step of the way, focusing on both company and cultural fit. We are also not afraid to challenge the status quo, we offer insight and market knowledge gleaned over many years. In fact, we believe the current market place offers great opportunity for growth and expansion, our remit is to stay ahead of the game and present key individuals who will enhance your business.

Therefore, as the majority of our instructions are confidential headhunt searches, we are delighted to announce our new website facility ‘Build Your Board’, which showcases a snapshot of carefully selected high-performing individuals that we are currently representing.

You may need to recruit a new board member, or you may need to recruit an entirely new board. Whatever your project, you can trust Moon Consulting to help you identify visionary leaders.

Remember, no matter how good your board is, without regular performance reviews it will not improve.