Burglaries cost British economy over £1.8 billion

Theft in the workplace

New research commissioned by Verisure, a European provider of monitored security solutions, has revealed the average property loss reported by senior decision makers in the event of a burglary is £2,000.

Furthermore, 37% of small businesses keep equipment worth £10,000 or more on their premises, according to the findings.

Horacio Perez, Operations Director at Verisure UK said: “99% of all private sector enterprises in the UK are small businesses, accounting for £1.9 trillion turnover and 60% of UK private sector employment.

“The disruption caused by a burglary can dramatically affect a business and its employees. These losses are not only caused by the cost of replacing equipment but the greater impact of time and resource in sorting out the aftermath of a burglary. The ramifications of these costs can be felt even more broadly given these small businesses are the backbone of the UK’s economy – over £1.8 billion.”

YouGov Survey Results

  • 47% of all burgled small businesses were targeted more than once, according to senior decision makers, potentially increasing the financial impact to £2.8 billion
  • Small businesses in the manufacturing sector were the worst affected by burglaries with 10% of senior decision makers saying their current workplace had been burgled in the past three years.
  • 9% of senior decision makers surveyed in business less than 5 years old had experienced a burglary in the last year.

Perez continued: “While the reasons for this increase in risk are obvious. We urge small businesses to take a more proactive approach to their security and be hands-on when it comes to guarding their premises, reducing burglary risk as much as possible, therefore protecting their business and, in turn, their livelihood.”