Business collaboration boost in first Irish Trade Mission to the UK led by Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar

Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar

Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Leo Varadkar TD visited the UK earlier this month for the start of a three-country trade mission focused on greater trade collaboration which goes on to France and Germany. With London being the first leg of the trade mission, it signifies the importance of the partnership with the UK as the neighbouring market to Ireland and the strength of the long-standing trading relationship in place between the two countries.

Organised by Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government’s trade and innovation agency, the trade mission is focused on further boosting trade collaboration between Ireland and the UK.

With a packed UK programme, Leo Varadkar opened a series of roundtable events that brought together Irish and British businesses and organisations to discuss digital transformation and innovation in housing, insurance, and healthcare where Irish companies have been adding value to the UK through the delivery of Irish innovation to benefit local partners throughout the UK. This was followed by highlighting a series of announcements by Irish companies focused on the UK during the trade mission, including expansion and job creation in the UK.

Leading the trade mission, Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Leo Varadkar TD said: “Ireland and Britain will always have a close relationship. Our two countries are interlinked in myriad different ways and we will be looking to strengthen those ties as we emerge from the pandemic and face into future challenges, such as climate change and digitalisation. Irish companies have created over 125,000 jobs in Britain. By working closely together, building on existing partnerships and building new ones, we hope to create more jobs and prosperity for both countries. I’m looking forward to visiting the UK, as part of my first in-person trade mission as Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment and I’m really happy to be bringing some good news with me of Irish companies investing and creating jobs on the ground.”

Accompanying the Irish Deputy Prime Minister on the trade mission, Enterprise Ireland’s Chief Executive Leo Clancy said: “Our long-standing business relationship with the UK is built on the shared values that exists between both countries, as well as our pro-enterprise and pro-competition business environments. The deals announced on this trade mission will see more jobs created in the UK, even closer links between our two business communities, and advancing innovation to solve the challenges of the world today.”

“With our team of Market Advisors working across the UK, Enterprise Ireland is helping both Irish and British companies to find collaborations that solve the challenges they face to create opportunities for further growth, greater competitive advantage in the global marketplace, and to create and sustain jobs.”