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WHY listen to, work with and follow YOU?: The 3 qualities of true leaders

“A must-read for any executive seeking a re-set in a fast-changing world.” – Grant Duncan, Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry

International advisor, coach, team facilitation, and keynote speaker, Larry Heugh Robertson presents core leadership strategies in his new book WHY listen to, work with, and follow YOU? 

Through captivating narratives and insightful anecdotes, WHY YOU? encourages leaders to transcend self-interest, uphold ethical standards, and create a profound impact on their teams, organisations and other stakeholders.

Here is an excerpt from WHY listen to, work with and follow YOU?: The 3 qualities of true leaders by Larry Heugh Robertson.

I have led and been led. I have worked with good and bad leaders. I understand what it takes to be a true leader. People everywhere are craving more meaning, greater connection and better leadership in most aspects of their lives. And those who aspire to lead are searching for straightforward and practical solutions to deliver this in their own unique way. Increasingly, people feel disengaged from their leaders. In part, this is because many in leadership roles either don’t make the effort to connect with their stakeholders or don’t know how to … or both. In turn, stakeholders choose to neither listen nor follow.

The solution is to understand that real leadership is a relationship and to look through the twin lenses of clarity and humanity. This often requires those either already in or aspiring to leadership roles to move outside their personal comfort zones. Within this book, you will discover well-tested advice, examples, pointers, checklists, models and tools to help you to become a true leader and a better you. You will understand how to influence and inspire others to choose to listen to you, work with you, support you, promote you, negotiate with you, solve problems with you, buy from you, follow and come with you on your journey. Put simply, you will learn how to truly lead others and succeed together. Hence my use of the term true leadership

There is an oft-quoted business mantra, ‘People are our greatest asset.’ I am sure it’s familiar to you. Yet survey after survey consistently reveal that the main reasons people leave organisations include the quality of leadership – a toxic culture, feeling unappreciated or uninspired, limited development opportunities, poor communication and unclear or inconsistent purpose, strategy and goals.

To grow, businesses often merge, joint venture with or acquire other businesses. On paper in their advisors’ offices, it all makes good sense. The synergies are palpable; the potential cost savings evident; the market growth irresistible; the value accretive. Yet why do many of these unions ultimately come apart? Why is the human aspect often overlooked in the planning?

I am reminded of two of the world’s greatest corporations, tyre manufacturer Bridgestone/Firestone and the Ford Motor Company. From 1897, through two world wars, the Great Depression and the Vietnam War, Firestone was the principal supplier of tyres for all Ford vehicles. In the midst of a very public dispute about vehicle safety, it all ended in May 2001, where it was reported in The New York Times:

‘Business relationships, like personal ones, are built upon mutual trust and respect,’ wrote Mr. John T. Lampe, Firestone’s chairman and chief executive, in the letter addressed to Mr. Jacques A. Nasser, then Ford’s chief executive and president. ‘We have come to the conclusion that we can no longer supply tires to Ford since the basic foundation of our relationship has been seriously eroded.’

I understand no new Ford vehicle is fitted with Firestone tyres today.

What had gone wrong? The answer is here so please stay with me.

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