Business Leader Funding Month: It’s funding nirvana – but are business leaders ready?

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Never has there been so many funding options – and so much money available to support ambitious businesses and leaders. But are those seeking funder answering the right questions and creating the products and services needed to find a home for the cash?

This panel debate will put the microscope on the current funding landscape and speak to both funders and business leaders about what options are available, how you can secure the right funding and what trends are emerging across the sector.

The event is part of Business Leader’s Funding Month – in partnership with Wesleyan Bank – and will cover angel investing, IPOs, private equity, debt and grant funding. If you’re a business owner looking to find out about how to get the right funding to match your plans, then this event is for you. Equally, this event will be relevant for professionals and funders who operate in this space.

Who will be on the panel?

Patric Grundy: Senior Commercial Account Manager, Wesleyan Bank
Lauren Couch: Managing Director at Growth Lending
Greg Gormley: Founder and CEO, SKOOT
Christopher Raggett: Co-Head of Corporate Finance, finncap
Sam Simpson: Co-Founder and COO, FounderCatalyst
Mat White: Accountant Relationship Manager, iwoca

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Here’s a breakdown of what we covered during the panel discussion:

Sam Simpson: What are you seeing in your network as it appears there has never been so much cash and so many funding options available to companies – is the supply being met with demand? (3:03)
Sam Simpson: How should businesses be positioning themselves to gain a successful investment in this market? (4:22)
Lauren Couch: I am guessing much of your lending to businesses has been around CBILS and I would like to get your take on the market and also how you see things beyond CBILS? (5:46)
Patric Grundy: What is your take on the funding market currently and what trends you are seeing? (7:30)
Mat White: Some have said there is still a chasm between the money available and the businesses in that it can be sometimes difficult for business leaders to navigate the funding maze and get appropriate funding. What is your take on this? (9:41)
Christopher Raggett: What were some of the headline trends that you covered in your recent podcast ‘Outlook for IPOs in 2021’? (12:28)
Christopher Raggett: What would your advice be to people looking to go public and when would be the best time to do this? (13:43)
Greg Gormley: Can you tell us more about SKOOT’s recent round of funding and what advice you would give to other business leaders? (16:09)
Greg Gormley: Could you tell us about your marketing and PR strategy when trying to raise funding? (18:12)
Mat White & Lauren Couch: There is lots of research around female founders receiving less funding than male founders. Less so on the debt side but certainly on the VC side. With advances in technology and more automation – so less meetings face to face – can this help to tackle the issue? (19:32)
Sam Simpson: For any new investors – or seasoned ones too – can you tell us more about the research you did around the optimal portfolio investors need to have to get the optimum return? (25:04)
Christopher Raggett: You covered some of the trends earlier but could you give an overview of some of the pros and cons of going public? (27:43)
Patric Grundy: Due to a variety of factors, low carbon and EV are very much the trend in this space. Are you finding more companies from these sectors as opposed to more traditional sectors? (29:55)
Sam Simpson, Greg Gormley & Christopher Raggett: We often get tips not to invest in moments and trends, but do you have any insights into the companies or sectors that people should be investing in? (33:50)

• Final word from Sam Simpson (36:47)
• Final word from Greg Gormley (37:43)
• Final word from Mat White (38:21)
• Final word from Lauren Couch (39:12)
• Final word from Christopher Raggett (40:09)
• Final word from Patric Grundy (41:01)

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