Thinking like a billionaire – it’s not that difficult explains Brad Sugars in video interview

Watch the full interview with Brad Sugars here

Internationally known as one of the most influential entrepreneurs, Brad Sugars is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, and says he is the #1 business coach in the world. We’re really proud to be talking to Brad on this edition of Business Leader Insight, brought to you by Knightstone Capital.

Brad Sugars has become the CEO of over 9 companies over the course of his 30-year career. Brad’s drive to share, educate and motivate saw him launch ActionCOACH®, which has since grown to a multi-million dollar franchise. His honesty and straight-forward style allow entrepreneurs and business owners to learn from his mistakes and achieve impactful results.

He’s been dubbed a leader that will tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear – and for more than two decades, millions of people worldwide have been listening and taking action. Catch Brad at BizX Virtual 2021 (Thursday 29 April – Friday 30 April), with other business leaders like Lord Alan Sugar, Seth Godin, and many more.

Here’s a breakdown of what we discussed in the interview:

• We’ll start by going back to your youth. As a teen, I understand you saved all your money to attend a seminar from a business coach and were one of the youngest there. Why did you want to do that and how did it influence you? (0:54)
• How do you look back on the 1990s for you in respect to growing your business? (2:56)
• You’ve grown ActionCoach across the world – I’d like to get your insight into what different ingredients and thinking is needed to grow a £1m business compared to a billion pound one. And why don’t more people think in these terms? (4:52)
• You describe the ‘Disney model’ of creating a product you can sell and then replicating it across the world as an approach to strive to. Could you explain it to us? (8:34)
• In the UK, it tends to be common for business leaders to exit quickly which means we haven’t produced many large businesses like Facebook, Amazon or BMW, etc. Some may say that’s a good thing, but do you have any thoughts about why Americans mainly, are more inclined to think in terms of building empires? (9:42)
• How do you know as an entrepreneur when to pull the plug on an idea or a business that may not succeed and also how to detach emotionally? (13:11)
• On the topic of your personal brand – how important do you feel it is to invest in your own personal brand? In relation to the impact, it will have on your core businesses. (16:19)
• What keeps you up at night – what are you scared of and this could be external political factors, threats to the business world, or something more personal? (18:42)
• What have been your early impressions of the new social network Clubhouse? (21:09)
• Marketing is an omnichannel now but if you had one route to attract customers to your business, what would it be? (22:59)
• How has the mood in the US changed since the election? (25:34)
• What’s one fact about you that we can’t find about you online? (28:02)
• What’s one thing you miss about Australia? (29:13)
• Could you tell us more about BizX Virtual 2021? (31:30)
• Final word from Brad Sugars (32:05)

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