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Business Leader Launches – Kapow Meggings

Kapow Meggings is a lifestyle brand that makes high-quality men’s leggings designed for fitness, fashion and festivals.

Brothers Ben and Jordan Barnett founded Kapow Meggings after attending Burning Man Festival one year and noticing thousands of men all wearing ill-fitted women’s leggings. What started as an e-commerce hobby in 2016 quickly turned into a global brand with distribution centres in the US, UK, Australia and Germany.

Since their launch Kapow Meggings has steadily increased its sales every month.

As a direct-to-consumer online business, the Barnett brothers have learned what it takes to successfully market their brand and keep sales steadily increasing in such a niche market as men’s leggings.

BL Review

Luke Barnett, Digital Content Creator

I’m not going to lie, I was quite sceptical about the idea of men’s leggings. Not for the way they look, but whether they would have enough space for the… well, you know. However, I think that these thoughts were premature.

These “meggings” were surprisingly comfortable and had a lot of give! I was able to put a lot of tension on the fabric without the feeling of a potential tear. I could really tell that they were made out of high-quality material because of the thickness and feel. The back pockets were also a real pleasant surprise.

Another thing that I was worried about was where I was going to put personal items like phone, wallet or keys. However, Kapow amazingly supply zipped pockets on the back of the leggings, which is a fantastic touch.

Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable enough to wear these on their own in public, but I will definitely be wearing them with a pair of shorts for cardio workouts.

The price of these is a talking point. They can cost up to £85 and the cheapest is £39.99, which is quite an expensive price for a product described as “male leggings” – especially when you compare it to the cost of the female equivalent.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the Kapow Meggings. Although they come at a steep price, they make up for this in genuine quality.


Price: RRP £39.99+