Business Leader Launches – Llanfairpwll Distillery

Llanfair PGin


Distyllfa Llanfairpwll, or the Llanfairpwll Distillery, is a small batch distillery on the Isle of Anglesey. It produces genuine craft distilled spirits using as many handpicked botanicals grown on Anglesey as possible.

Llanfairpwll Distillery gets its name from the village it calls home: Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch.

The range includes classic Llanfair PGin, Llanfair PGin – Anglesey Rhubarb & Vanilla, and Swellies Spiced Rum. The company plans to add spirits gradually, following a thorough and enviable R&D process.

BL Review

Joanna Jones – Assistant Editor

We received a bottle of Llanfairpwll Distillery’s classic Llanfair PGin. The bottle is made from smooth, heavy glass sealed with a melted wax seal – a nice touch which emphasizes the high-quality, craft focus of the distillery. This is definitely not just any supermarket gin.

The label is simple and striking, with the full name of the distillery – all 58 letters – wrapping right around the bottle. The company’s branding is playful, asking a tongue-in-cheek, ‘Can you order this gin?’ Really, though, the gin itself is the main event – as it should be.

The company’s first creation, Llanfair PGin is handcrafted in a small batch pot still, with lots of Juniper punch and notes of elderflower, angelica root, mint and rosemary all grown on the Isle of Anglesey.

The first thing that you notice about Llanfair PGin is the scent. While other gins can sometimes smell like cleaning products, Llanfair PGin smells incredibly floral and airy. It’s worth taking a moment to breathe it in before pouring yourself a glass.

Clear and crisp, Llanfair PGin tastes how it smells. It’s refreshing and free from the metallic taste (and next day headache) common with cheaper gins.  Llanfair PGin is light, smooth, and perfectly balanced – not too strong or too weak. It’s something of a danger gin – I could cheerfully have polished off half the bottle if I wasn’t paying attention.

I recommend this gin for craft spirit enthusiasts, and for those who like their products handpicked with a healthy dose of romance. Drink it on a balmy summer’s evening, ideally served with lots of ice, a premium tonic water and a sprig of fresh rosemary.


Price: Llanfair PGin, £30