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Business Leader Launches

Pure Scooters sell a wide-range of electric scooters, including the Xiaomi M365, Ninebot Segway ES1, Ninebot Segway ES2 and scooter accessories.

Founded by former Hargreaves Lansdown director and prolific investor Adam Norris, after he ploughed an initial £10m of his own money into the new electric scooter venture.

Norris’ idea was to help the UK cut down on congestion and pollution issues that we are currently facing.

The Glastonbury-based entrepreneur hopes to see as many scooters in use as cycles within two years, as he sets his sights on becoming the biggest electric scooter firm in Europe.

By investing in millions of pounds of stock, the firm can sell the products at the best prices in the UK and guarantee free next day delivery – something other companies are unable to do due to stock issues.

Pure Scooters can also save customers more than a month on delivery times – and hidden delivery charges – from companies in China. Unlike many other sellers, all stock is tried and tested in the UK, seeing the company quickly become the UK’s experts – and ‘go-to’ people in the industry.

Business Leader got the opportunity to review the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter – the most cost-effective model in the Pure Scooters’ range.

According to the company, the Xiaomi M365 is “the best all-round electric scooter with a top speed of 15mph, means a two mile journey that used to take 30 minutes of walking, now only takes eight minutes, without crowds, hassle or effort. Air-filled tyres makes most surfaces feel silky smooth and it’s light enough to carry.”

Key features of the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

  • Top speed of 15mph (25kmh)
  • Maximum range of 18 miles (30km)
  • Fully charged in 5.5 hrs
  • Front and rear brakes and lights
  • UK charging adaptor
  • Smart App connection

Product Information

  • 5kg lightweight aluminium frame
  • Motor power 250W
  • 18650 lithium-ion battery
  • App locking feature
  • Unfolded dimensions 108 x 43 x 114cm (42 x 17 x 45 inch)
  • Folded dimensions 108 x 43 x 49cm (42 x 17 x 19 inch)
  • 5 inch air filled wheels
  • UK plug
  • Maximum user weight 100kg
  • Manufacturer recommended rider age 16 years+


  • Two year full UK manufacturer’s warranty

What is included in the box

  • UK power adaptor
  • Tyre x2
  • Spare inner tubes x 2
  • Extended nozzle adaptor, hexagon wrench, screw X 4
  • User manual, quick start guide, legal statement and warranty notice

BL Review

Barney Cotton, Assistant Editor

Simply awesome. Before I get into an in-depth breakdown of this product, I must say that the short time that I have had the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter has been great, and I really wish I did not have to give it back!

The product was delivered swiftly to Business Leader HQ and immediately drew the attention of the whole office – already showing the huge potential the electric scooter market can have in the UK. All it needed was the four screws to be put in place and it was ready to go – incredibly simple and easy. And the product had ample charge straight out of the box. After one push off, you are away.

After a (long) play around on the product near my house, I was hooked.

I initially started out on the energy-saving mode, and for the hour plus I used the product, there was still a lot of life left in the lithium-ion battery. The user can easily switch between this mode and ‘general’ mode where you can get up to the top speed of 15mph – although it feels a lot faster when you are on it!

The accelerator is smooth and sensitive to touch, so you are always in complete control of the scooter, and the brakes are very effective, meaning that it is safe to use around roads and pathways. It is a comfortable ride, and very versatile in its movement. However, I would advise using the Pure Scooters gloves if you are riding around in colder temperatures.

Away from whizzing around the housing estate, I put the scooter through its paces as a useful daily tool. I live about two miles from my place of work, and travelled back-and-forth every day on a single charge. I had no issues, and it was a much more enjoyable experience than driving in!

Once you are used to driving the scooter, it is surprisingly nimble in the corners and going up and down pavements. You can completely trust the solid tyres to grip to the road, meaning you can maintain your speed at all times. It even handles well on cobbled or brick roads – though I would advise not going full speed, if you can help it.

Alongside this, the brakes are first class. You can fly around and, as long as you are confident, you can control your scooter with precision at all times. Also – braking helps recharge the battery!

This trust means that driving around at night is exhilarating. The large torch at the front of the handlebars is powerful enough to warn oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

With regards to the charging – unlike electric cars – the scooter can be charged at a normal plug socket in a relatively short amount of time. And due to the battery gauge on the handlebars, you know how long you have left before you have to manually scoot.

My only small criticism is its ability to handle water. Although it is water-resistant, it cannot go in small puddles or rainfall. Although not a massive issue (who wants to scoot in the rain?) – small puddles are a common occurrence in the UK, so be advised when and where you are cruising around. This hasn’t put me off driving it at all, but it is something to be aware of.

Once you are finished with the scooter, it folds down into an easily carriable piece of kit, and can be stored easily at home or in the boot of your car.

Overall, the scooter is well worth the £399 investment – whether it is for a bit of fun or taking yourself to work.

In a world, where being environmentally conscious is vital, this has the potential to be a part of working people’s everyday lives. With hopeful law changes (see below) on the way, and at a very reasonable price, this is the local transportation tool for anyone.


Price: Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter – £398.99 (with payment options available)

Website: Pure Scooters

Useful facts and figures about electric scooters and UK transport

  • Electric scooters are legally banned from our footpaths due to the Highways Act 1835Section 72. Widely recognised as being outdated, it forbids anyone from driving a ‘horse, ass, sheep, mule, swine, or cattle or carriage of any description’ on any footpath.
  • Technically, unpowered scooters and skateboards cannot legally be used on pavements either, but the Department for Transport has admitted to this not being practical to enforce.
  • Meanwhile, electric scooters – classified as a PLEV, or Personal Light Electric Vehicle – cannot be ridden on the road, because the DVLA requires motor vehicles to be registered and taxed. Some electric bikes (EAPCs) are exempt.
  • Yet, the UK’s strict laws have not stopped the electric scooter movement take-off around the world – they can be found in Paris, Los Angeles, Antwerp and Mexico City.
  • More than half (56%) of all car journeys are less than five miles in length and 6% are less than a mile, according to Licence check firm Licence Bureau.
  • Research released by Greater London Authority found over one-third of all car trips made by London residents are less than 2km.
  • For the first time in nearly 1,000 years, the City of London Corporation has developed a long-term Transport Strategy, aiming to reduce motor traffic by half within the next 25 years and making the capital’s financial centre Britain’s first large-scale zero emission zone.
  • study of 7,000 people in 10 cities in the US found more than half the population had a ‘positive opinion’ of electric scooters.

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