Business Leader Webinar: Furlough Workers (featuring Nelsons’ law firm’s Laura Kearsley)

Business Leader, the voice for UK business, presents an informative webinar aiming to give you more information around furlough working and the Government’s new Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

We were fortunate to be joined by Laura Kearsley, partner and solicitor in Nelsons’ employment law team. This is just one of the webinars presented by Business Leader.

Looking for specific information? Scroll down to see the full breakdown of what was covered during the webinar.


Business Leader introduction: 0:00 – 3:03
Laura Kearsley and Nelsons introduction: 3:04 – 4:43
Webinar overview: 4:43 – 6:47
Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) introduction: 6:47 – 9:40
CJRS in more detail: 9:40 – 16:08
Advantages of the CJRS: 16:08 – 20:55
Disadvantages of the CJRS: 20:55 – 25:39
How businesses should approach the CJRS: 25:39 – 28:27

Questions from the viewers

Does furlough leave cover bonuses or commission pay?: 28:44 – 29:51
What about new employees due to start after the 28th of February?: 29:51 – 31:40
Do employees still accrue holiday while on furlough leave?: 31:40 – 33:09
Can the director or owner of a limited company furlough themselves?: 33:09 – 33:34
If someone feels they have been unfairly furloughed, does the employer need to provide reasons why they were chosen?: 33:34 – 36:12
How does the government expect businesses to prove that employees haven’t been working while furloughed?: 36:12 – 37:46
What if the employee’s salary varies?: 37:46 – 38:47
As a furloughed worker, would sending an email be an issue?: 38:47 – 39:46
Do employers need consent from the employee to place them on furlough leave?: 39:46 – 40:09
Can employers withhold paying furloughed workers until they receive payment from the government?: 40:49 – 42:30
How often will the employer need to make a submission to HMRC?: 42:55 – 43:40

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