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Business Overview – Eating in London

In this guest article, Tudor Lodge Consultants take a closer look at the food and drink review platform Eating in London.

Eating in London was officially launched in May 2021 mid-pandemic, after Founder James Bellis decided to expand his popular food Instagram page @eating_in_london to a comprehensive website review platform.

Seeking out a diverse team of food and drink experts, James combined the experience and expertise of others within his industry to bring discerning London consumers the top foodie recommendations to showcase the best restaurants in London.

Eating in London covers two main categories across its website and social platforms.

If you love Going Out, then you’ll enjoy the latest restaurants, cafes, and hotels spanning one of the largest food and drink cities in the world.

If you’re looking for inspiration when Staying In, you’ll discover a wide range of online food and drink brands. For example, The UK’s best coffee subscriptions, the Best Rose Wine for 2022, healthy food deliveries, and much more.

In 2022, the platform launched a fast-growing membership product for its London-centric audience, although customers across the UK can also subscribe and access the online partner benefits if they often shop online.

The VIP membership offers members exclusive benefits such as restaurant deals, online food and drink offers, premium content, V.I.P invitations to events, and first access to the newest openings before anyone else.

Founder James was inspired to create the membership to solve a number of problems for busy Londoners. Firstly, the time associated with finding the best and most up-to-date places is drawn out. Crawling Google, Instagram and other sources can take up considerable time from your busy working week.

Secondly, the cost associated with eating out in London can be extremely high. The membership helps by providing privately negotiated rates for restaurants and online brands, whilst at the same time curating the best places, so you can enjoy a one-stop-shop of trusted recommendations.

The future of Eating In London looks bright as they look to continue their growth and expand their user base.

James said: “I’d love to introduce an App for our members at the right moment, to provide the ultimate dining experience for a huge volume of people looking to experience one of the world’s most exciting culinary scenes.”