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New business partnership hints at possible merger

Barry Horner and Jane Wheeler

Barry Horner and Jane Wheeler

Financial firm Paradigm Norton has been confirmed as the appointed representative for Direction Financial Planning, based in Taunton.

It is the second time the North Somerset-headquartered firm has been appointed a representative for another’s clients.

Barry Horner, Paradigm Norton’s chief executive, said the close match in terms of ethos and approach should mean business-as-usual for Direction’s clients.

Barry comments: “Jane Wheeler, the founder of Direction, is well respected in the profession and runs an excellent business.

“We are pleased to be working more closely with her and her practice – and the link-up should benefit her clients too.

In particular, we expect that Jane will gain from having access to our investment and financial planning research and resources, which should help her in supporting her clients.”

Direction and Paradigm Norton have also said they are open to a possible merger in the future, when Jane finally looks towards retirement from a full time role.

Paradigm Norton already has a successful joint venture with the law firm Wollen Michelmore, based in Torquay. The venture trades as Wollen Michelmore Financial Planning