Which business sectors value employee health the most?

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New research has revealed which sectors are most likely to provide healthcare cover for their employees.

The study was carried out by Equipsme, an insurtech start-up, and a total of 2,644 people aged 18 and over from around the UK were polled. All respondents were in full-time employment and from a range of different sectors and industries.

The research revealed that those working in the legal and financial industries most likely to benefit from some kind of health plan offered by their employer.

On the other end of the spectrum, those working in roles within the construction and retail sectors are least likely to be given healthcare plans.

All respondents were first asked to specify what industry they worked within and whether or not they benefitted from a health insurance plan or policy that was paid for or provided by their employer. From this, the Equipsme team was able to work out which sectors were most or least like to provide healthcare as an employee benefit.

The most likely sectors to do so were revealed as follows:

  1. Legal – 48% (of respondents working in this industry said they had healthcare as an employee benefit)
  2. Finance – 39%
  3. Sales – 31%
  4. Travel/Transport – 22%
  5. Telecoms – 17%

The least likely sectors to provide health insurance or plans for its employees were revealed as follows:

  1. Construction/Trades  – 1%
  2. Retail – 2%
  3. Hair & Beauty – 2%
  4. Media & Marketing – 3%
  5. Hospitality – 4%

The research revealed that 88% of the respondents taking part said that they would be more likely to apply for a role if a healthcare plan/insurance policy was listed as one of the employee benefits; with 3% going as far as to say that they wouldn’t accept a job within a company that did not offer it.

Matthew Reed, managing director of Equipsme, said: “The lists of sectors most and least likely to provide healthcare cover or plans for their employees, to me shows which industries those thinking of getting into a new job role should seek out or avoid. Providing your employees with healthcare cover isn’t just about valuing their health; it’s about protecting the health of your business too.

“Taking care of your employees will ensure that your business remains as industrious as it should be, because every single employee is an important part of the firm’s value chain.  By taking care of them and making it as easy as possible for them to look after themselves, employers do their business a good service.”

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