Business Update with Terry Gilbert – November 2010

There is the good news and the bad news! Things are changing so fast, October brought the awaited changes to the national minimum wage – £5.93 for 22 + years; £4.94 for 18-22 years and £3.64 for under 18s.

The Government investigated 901 organisations which were set up to oversee individual operations and projects – low and behold – 192 are now on the quango bonfire, 118 have merged and 171 reformed.

Recession information has some very good results. Thousands have asked for debt advice. If you need help go to

Government promises 75,000 apprenticeship places at a cost of £250 million per year to rebuild skills shortages.

Lord Young to take office of Enterprise Advisor to the Prime Minister – let’s hope he continues to reduce red tape.

The best news is that the economy has exceeded everyone’s expectations and just look at the FTSE figures.

And the question of the month – What do you call a politician who has lost an election? Answer – a Consultant!

And finally: Congratulations to Kerry and Michelle Michael in pulling off one of the largest ventures in the South West, which will enhance business in the area and bring visitors in from all over the world – long may the Grand Pier prosper!