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Business Update with Terry Gilbert – North Somerset Enterprise Agency

All the indicators are sharing my concerns that business is going on hold for the run up to the election. The uncertainty is having an effect on everything and the sooner it is over the better.

My advice is to batten down the hatches and weather the storm, those that do it well will be the survivors and the strength in our future growth and economy. We might expect a stead growth for the rest of the year and some recovery in property sales.

Finance is available – it is not easy, but once you have jumped through the hoops, loans are trickling out. I will be happy to direct clients in the best direction for their business sector.

June is going to be a great month for Weston. Most of the upgrade and road repairs should be completed and there could be some major events near the end of the month. Weston and North Somerset should come alive, so hang in there we have a lot more to look forward to than most.

Weston 200 is gathering more support. The Royal Hotel, which is the centre of our birthday celebrations, has an impressive line up of artists and special events – even Elvis is appearing!!!

The wheel is coming back (great news) and the water park is underway and our now regular steam fair is on the programme – make sure you get a copy of “What’s On” from North Somerset Council. All the events across North Somerset are promoted there and it’s free!

Get involved! Join the North Somerset Business Club, the Chambers of Trade, the Hotels Association, the Federation of Small Business – meet and talk to other businesses. Keep up to date and informed of opportunities.

And finally:

In the 1500’s bread was baked and divided as follows:

• The burnt base was given to the poor
• The middle bit for the working families
• The top to the guests or the rich

And so we have “the upper crust”!

Terry Gilbert is Business Support Manager for the North Somerset Enterprise Agency as well as being the director for the Weston Town Centre Partnership and Chair for Weston 200 and Weston Arts Social Enterprise.