Cardiff University Invests in Opengear Smart Out-of-Band and Lighthouse Central Management System to strengthen network resilience

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Cardiff University is set to implement Smart Out-of-Band with the Lighthouse Central Management System (CMS) from Opengear, a Digi International company, and provider of solutions that deliver secure, resilient network access and automation to critical IT infrastructure.

Cardiff University was looking to implement a robust and resilient out-of-band management solution, together with wanting to access ongoing managed services and support.

Bob Dew, Senior Manager Infrastructure, Cardiff University, said: “It was key that the network solution delivered high performance and high availability, and also had strong resilience characteristics. It was imperative that it provided 24/7×365 access both to us and Circle, to all physical ‘out of band’ management interfaces on all core components to perform any core component device management or to troubleshoot any component’s management function outside of any ‘in band’ methods.

“It was also crucial,” Dew continued, “that it could do all that regardless of the status of the production network and Internet links. The Opengear solutions, as delivered by Circle, fit the bill in every respect.”

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