New care service launched to stop future ‘winterbourne’


Staff at Archcare

A local company, Care2Improve, is looking to introduce a new way to measure quality in care homes and others in the care sector, giving managers first-hand the information they need to make improvements.

Trials with local care providers in North Somerset have been under way for over a year.

One of the first, Archcare Services Ltd, is a domiciliary care provider based in Clevedon caring for adults in their homes.

Wendy Finnegan, Service Operations Manager, comments: “Archcare Services found the Care2Improve quality survey to be a very valuable exercise.

“It took little effort to do and the results were clear and presented to us in an easy-to-understand way.

“I would recommend the Care2Improve service to any care organisation, as a way to see how well you are doing in delivering care quality.”

The service works by surveying a wide range of stakeholders including service users, relatives and staff.

The care sector has recently seen a large number of high-profile quality failures such as Winterbourne View and the new service is looking to stop these happening in the future.