CCW become first net zero by 2023 UK creative production company

CCW is now the first creative production business in the UK to launch a brand new CSR program, promising a more sustainable future for the company and its clients.

Going forward, CCW’s client’s can now opt into the Sustainability scheme to jointly offset their entire carbon footprint of every project, including emissions generated by transport, man and machine power.

Following the initial purchase of a 7-acre plot of land, they are now able to plant up to 5,000 trees as part of the initiative. With offices in the UK and Bulgaria, this commitment to continued sustainability spans both locations.

CCW’s business model is by its very nature more sustainable than traditional production methods – with CGI and digital production accounting for 70% of our business, it’s key to the company’s success.

In a recent infographic, “The Hidden Emissions in Your Buying Journey” CCW compared the carbon impact of traditional photography vs. CGI, highlighting that digital production makes 75% less carbon emissions in the buying journey alone. What’s more, CGI and Virtual Production is at least 33% less damaging to the environment than conventional production. This was based on a 1-day photoshoot alone.

James McVitie, Managing Director of CCW, comments: “At CCW, we believe images speak louder than words; and actions speak even louder…We’re committed to ensuring the content we create and the processes we use are as sustainable and future proof as possible. Looking to the future, we’re exploring ways to act now and make a difference by both reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint for a better, greener future.

The climate crisis isn’t a problem that’s going to hit us tomorrow. It’s a problem now.

Our industry can no longer create content, films and advertising in the same manner as we have done before without regard for the future impact on the environment. There is a responsibility for us to support our clients in their efforts by having our own plan for reducing our carbon footprint. CGI, which accounts for more than 70% of our business, is an immediate environmental benefit compared with traditional production. It can also make a tangible difference to logistics related carbon footprints. We hope to continue to increase our environmental responsibility over the coming years, leading the way with more industry-first initiatives.”