Celonis acquires automation platform Integromat

Celonis, a global Execution Management Systems (EMS) firm, today announced the acquisition of Integromat, an online automation platform company.

This acquisition deepens the automation capabilities of the Celonis Execution Management System and strengthens Celonis’ ability to unlock execution capacity trapped by customers’ rigid and complex systems by intelligently automating actions across hundreds of systems in a scalable and intuitive way.

Integromat has more than 375,000 users, is growing at more than 400% year over year and has more than 500 out of the box system and application connectors.

“We knew that Celonis’ first EMS acquisition had to be Integromat, the leader of the red-hot online automation space,” said Alex Rinke, co-founder and co-CEO of Celonis. “You have to see it to believe it.  Integromat enables anybody in business to create easy, clean automations with the hundreds of systems that people all use in their jobs every day. We are blown away by the team, the product and the enthusiastic community with hundreds of thousands of Integromat users. Integromat will help our customers to turn the insights from Celonis into actions that unlock execution capacity.”

Martin Klenk, co-founder and CTO of Celonis said: “We spent years looking for a different way to automate processes across applications. It needed to be a modern, cloud based approach that is easy to use and scalable in order to address the challenges customers currently have with traditional RPA and enterprise integration tools.

“The answer became clear watching so many thousands of business users rapidly adopt these new online automation systems. That’s where we found Integromat, the perfect addition to our Celonis Execution Management System.”