Censornet launches IDaaS to enhance identity-aware security

Censornet is introducing integrated identity as a service (IDaaS) into its intelligent cybersecurity platform.

The launch strengthens its offering to organisations and gives them total control over user access through integration with its established Web Security, Cloud Application Security (CASB), Email Security and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions.

The integration of IDaaS with Censornet’s security platform enables powerful rules that govern who, when and from where access to what applications are granted. Censornet’s platform connects natively with its full suite of web, cloud application security, email security and MFA products.

As a result, organisations can quickly and simply apply identity-aware, context-based security to their whole ecosystem, without having to manage multiple vendors and attempt to manually integrate solutions.

“The pandemic sounded the death knell for the traditional perimeter. Today, context is the new perimeter, and identity is the killer context,” said Ed Macnair, CEO at Censornet.

“With our autonomous security, we protect mid-market organisations faster and smarter than humanly possible. The integration of IDaaS into our intelligent platform helps organisations support Zero Trust initiatives on their journey towards SASE, where identity is more important than ever.”

By integrating IDaaS with CASB and MFA, Censornet’s IDaaS offering lets organisations automatically authenticate users based on contextual information, all while enabling single sign-on (SSO). This removes the risk of weak or reused passwords being used across corporate applications, replacing passwords entirely with more secure tokens and assertions. An added benefit of single sign-on is improved employee productivity, and the elimination of support costs associated with password resets.

Censornet’s integrated IDaaS gives organisations full assurance that every single action is tied to a specific identity – from access to files and data through to enabling downloads from cloud-based applications.

Macnair continued: “While the market has many standalone IDaaS offerings, our integrated solution ensures automated identity checks are based on highly granular data drawn from across the security ecosystem. Just as importantly, our native integration in a single platform means stretched security teams don’t have to manually weave IDaaS into third-party systems – they can simply set their own rules, then plug and play.”