Centre ‘that could help solve world’s problems’ opens

Prof Joe Mcgeehan

Prof Joe Mcgeehan

A state-of-the-art centre which could lead the world in solving big problems with a super computer has officially opened for business at Bristol & Bath Science Park.

The national Centre for Modelling and Simulation makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to virtually explore and test out future challenges, using a high performance computing (HPC) cluster.

The Centre also offers ‘technology watching’ to help companies shape their futures.

A key aim of the Centre is to reduce the risks industry has to take when it wants to innovate.

Nick Buckland OBE, chairman of CFMS, comments: “This is a safe and trusted place where industry can work with academics to explore how they might test out ideas, avoid risk and gain competitive advantage.

“Our space also offers opportunities for large companies to work with nimble, small companies to bring in game-changing technologies, growing the small businesses but not disrupting and destabilising the large ones.

“We are lucky to be on Bristol & Bath Science Park as it is becoming an iconic site, hosting the National Composites Centre and key companies we want to work with to shape the future.”

Professor Joe McGeehen CBE who is credited as one of the world’s technology agenda setters and founder of the University of Bristol’s Centre for Communications Research, gave the keynote speech at the launch.

He said: “This centre is a place I would have given my back teeth for 30 years ago. I dreamed about it and to see it in reality is fantastic. A centre like this makes it harder for people to say ‘you can’t do it’.

“In the future there will be more and more need for the CFMS – it will help future cities plan for all the data, transport and energy flows of population increases.”