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CES 2020: Cars of the future

Mercedes-Benz CES 2020

Every January, Las Vegas becomes the home for the world’s largest trade show – CES – a four-day celebration of tech and innovation.

The Consumer Electronics Show is often the time where leading companies across the globe reveal their latest products and concepts in front of the media, senior business figures and fans. In recent years, it has also become a major part of the automotive calendar, as the sector’s top manufacturers disclose their plans for the years ahead.

Business Leader has highlighted four important revelations and new vehicles from the CES show for the automotive sector.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Ford Motor Company’s iconic muscle car has now been re-imagined for the modern age with the release of the all-electric Mach-E. “Electric and untamed” – Ford’s galloping pony is able to drive up to 370 miles on a single change and yet it can still do 0-60mph in less than five seconds. The car can also go up to 58 miles after just ten minutes of charging. The All Wheel Drive (AWD) system is also complemented with an array of futuristic interior features. The Mach-E also boasts a sleek 15.5-inch tablet display, that is connected through fords new SYNC system, cloud-connected navigation, over-the-air updates and Wi-Fi.

BMW i3 Urban Suite

The new BMW i3 has advanced the two-seater hatchback’s appeal with an updated exterior design, as well as some home comforts inside – including a wooden desk, a footrest and an armchair for the passenger. Making its public debut at CES 2020, the i3 proves that “luxury travel in the future will have nothing to do with vehicle size”. Highlighting the possibility to be chauffeured around in style, while being environmentally-conscious, the i3’s new design is similar to one you would find in a first-class passenger seat on an airline. Another party piece for the car is a series of buttons next to passenger seat that control the footrest and also activate a TV screen to drop down from the car ceiling, with built-in Amazon Fire and Wi-Fi.

Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR

The Avatar-inspired VISION AVTR concept car from Mercedes-Benz looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. The AVTR is a link to the hit James Cameron movie and the distant future, but also stands for an “Advanced Vehicle Transformation”. Although it is only a show car, Mercedes is hoping that it inspires some future production for some of its unique ideas – such as its ability to move sideways, a fully recyclable battery based on an “organic cell chemistry” (which opens up the possibility of it being compostable), and all ethically-sourced and vegan-friendly material. When autonomous vehicles become commonplace, many of these innovations could be in the car of the future.

Porsche Taycan – with new BOSE technology

CES doesn’t just provide a look into the future of the automobile market, but the whole tech scene. Global audio company BOSE worked with Porsche on an industry-changing sound system for the all-new Taycan – the German manufacturer’s first electric car. With 710 watts of power, the 14 loudspeakers around the car have created the perfect entertainment system for everyone in the vehicle. SurroundStage Technology ensures a balanced 360-degree sound field to each seat. The smart system works with the energy output of the car to maximise the audio, no matter what driving style or situation.