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Chancellor told ‘to do absolutely nothing’ for Autumn Statement

Matthew Lee (far left)

Matthew Lee (far left)

According to South West based Bishop Fleming’s Managing Partner, Matthew Lee: “The best thing that George Osborne could do in his Autumn Statement is absolutely nothing.”

Matthew comments: “He would do every business a favour by freezing any legislative changes to business for five years, to give everyone a chance to catch up with the dizzying array of changes over recent years.”

If, as is more likely, the Chancellor must announce more changes on 5th December, Matthew Lee has put tax simplification at the top of his wish list.

Matthew comments: “It really is time to stop talking about tax simplification and getting on with all the obvious ways of simplifying our grotesquely complicated tax system.

“My fear though, is that any Chancellor is so insulated from the simple realities that George Osborne will stand up on 5th December and spend an hour or more to announce yet more complexities, demanding yet more legislation.

“That’s what his advisors and his civil servants live for. In truth, the best thing he could do is absolutely nothing.”

But Weston-super-Mare campaigner and local councillor Mike Bell is calling on the Chancellor to agree to freeze fuel duty until 2015 and to reduce business rates in his Autumn Statement.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, will give his annual Autumn Statement to Parliament on 5th December 2013.

Cllr Mike Bell, the leader of the Liberal Democrats on North Somerset Council and Parliamentary Candidate for Weston-super-Mare, has
written to George Osborne urging him to make two key measures part of his Autumn  Statement – a freeze on fuel duty until 2015 and immediate action to tackle business rates.

Last year, Chancellor George Osborne announced his plan to postpone the review of business rates until 2017.

This leaves retailers and other businesses paying rates which have seen a 13% increase in just 3 years.

A revaluation in the next couple of years could mean those with decreasing rents would see a significant saving as business rates are brought in line.

Cllr Bell has previously called on the government to give small businesses the same rate relief that charity shops enjoy.

Mike Bell comments: “I am urging the government to do more to help small businesses by looking at businesses rates.

“When I have been meeting with local business people, the number one issue  is the unfair level of business rates they pay.

“If the government can help them we can create more jobs locally and boost our retail economy in particular.

“A major barrier to letting empty shops and offices in Weston and across North Somerset is the high level of business rates, we need urgent action to address that.”