Charity and recycling firm partner to reduce food waste in North East

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Luca Pornaro of Keenan Recycling and Jake Hanmore of FareShare North East
(L to R): Luca Pornaro of Keenan Recycling and Jake Hanmore of FareShare North East

Organic waste management company, Keenan Recycling, has teamed up with FareShare North East to deliver a sustainable solution for the charity’s excess and waste food.

Keenan recycling will service 2-3 bins a week and provide ad-hoc collections when required at the North East branch of national charity FareShare, ensuring that any food which cannot be used for human or animal consumption will be recycled.

Since the contract beginning earlier this month, an average of 100kg of food waste has been collected and recycled each week, diverting it from landfill to anaerobic digestion. Although the majority of FareShare’s produce is given back to the community, food that cannot be saved is now dealt with in an environmentally-friendly way.

Founded in 1994, FareShare operates by saving good quality surplus food, from businesses such as Asda, Greggs and Tesco, to distribute around 1,500 cities and towns in the UK. The food is then given to charities and community groups so that it can be turned into meals for vulnerable people in homeless hostels, refuges and children’s clubs.

The North East branch of FareShare opened in 2009 and saves over 300 tonnes of food each year from going to landfill. The charity recently expanded into new premises following funding from Asda, allowing it to supply nearly 800,000 meals to those in need in the region every year.

Jake Hanmore, general manager, said: “A lot has been happening at FareShare North East recently with the expansion of our premises, allowing us to offer more meals than before to those in the region who are in need.

“At FareShare we have always made every effort to reduce food going to waste but there are occasions where this can be unavoidable, such as if you’re given food with short life dates.

“For ethical reasons, we want to prevent food from going to landfill, so when we have exhausted options of human and animal consumption, having Keenan Recycling there to take away additional food waste to recycle it is fantastic.”

Headquartered in Aberdeen, Keenan Recycling recently expanded its services into the North East. The firm currently employs over 90 people in a variety of roles and has plans to expand its workforce into the North East over the next two years.

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