Chinese delegation impressed by clever use of land at Bristol Port

Bristol Port visitRepresentatives from the Guangzhou Port Authority were in town this week to look at future development plans with their counterparts at Bristol Port.

The delegation’s visit was organised by the West of England China Bureau.

Chief Executive Officer Dianne Francombe said the port visit culminated in the signing of a fresh Memorandum of Understanding calling for closer collaboration between the two port authorities.

Simon Bird (CEO) and David Ord (Managing Director) signed the letter on behalf of Bristol Port with Mme Yuan Yue signing on behalf of the delegation from Guangzhou.

Dianne Francombe said: “Agreements such as these have particular significance for Chinese business people and are key to helping local firms unlock some of the fantastic trading opportunities waiting for them in Guangdong.

“The delegation was impressed by the level of sophisticated organisation at Bristol Port and more particularly the excellent use of every piece of land.

“They were also interested to learn about private investment opportunities and how the Port operates outside of Government controls.”