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Clarus Commerce, a world leader in retail customer loyalty solutions, have announce the opening of its UK office in in central London.

With almost two decades of experience in cultivating more loyal customers for retailers in the US, Clarus’ expansion to the UK represents the loyalty company’s commitment to creating a physical international presence.

Michael Iannucci, SVP of Business Development and Client Services at Clarus said: “We see a market that is currently underserved as far as Premium Loyalty is concerned. The expansion into the UK will allow us to continue growing our adaptable business model. Eventually, our London office will be a hub for further expansion into the rest of Europe.”

Clarus’ existing retail rewards membership programme DeliveryDeals will continue to service consumers in the UK, but Premium Loyalty programmes are primed to become the new industry standard.

Premium Loyalty programmes offer consumers more benefits and personalisation compared to traditional transaction-based loyalty programmes, which are simply not as effective or valuable and therefore waning in popularity amongst consumers.

Tom Caporaso, CEO of Clarus Commerce commented: “Consider Amazon Prime, it offers benefits that are so appealing, customers are willing to pay extra for them. These are what we call Premium Loyalty programmes, and they’re the kinds of programmes retailers absolutely need to have to compete today, which is precisely why they’re what we specialise in.”

Creating lasting and mutually rewarding customer loyalty is about developing a meaningful retailer-shopper relationship, which goes way beyond transactions and pounds spent.

Caporaso added: “The customer experience is incredibly powerful in creating true loyalty, which is why brands that succeed in this area have a strong relationship with their customers that is about more than monetary benefits.”

To that end, Clarus’ goal is to help retailers engage with and understand their best customers by safely collecting invaluable data that can turn shoppers into brand ambassadors.

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