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Company seeking reseller partner for its pioneering products

The tech exchange logoFollowing strong demand for its latest home security device, Clevedon based company The Tech Exchange is inviting businesses to contact them about becoming a reseller partner for their products.

Steve Anslow, Managing Director of The Tech Exchange is urging businesses to join his quest to give homeowners affordable and easy to use safety equipment by capitalising on a gap in the market:

“Following an increase in reports of ‘distraction burglary’ cases and that of ‘bogus callers’ we searched for products that would answer the problem and assist in the reduction of this type of incident.

“Having recognised there was insufficient attention given to security and safety in the home I decided to do something about it. I became convinced that CCTV was not the solution, and quickly realised a fresh approach to home security was needed,”

So The Tech Exchange launched their digital peephole viewers. Steve explains how they work:

“Using the common or garden ‘Peephole’, seen on many entrance doors, the fist Digital Viewer was a camera attached to the peephole on the inside of the front door. It allowed, with the push of a button, a displayed (LCD) image of the visitor. This gave the householder the opportunity to keep their door firmly closed if the visitor was not recognised.

“The 2nd generation model went a stage further, and featured an ability to photograph the visitor and to store the image on a standard SD Card. It will detect any vibration on the door caused by anyone knocking, trying the door handle or putting something through the letterbox, and on activation it will take a picture.”

According to Steve the device is simple to operate and doesn’t require wiring. The range of digital door viewers has already been well received by homeowners, landlords and local authorities.

“The digital peephole has proved a huge success, and we are looking forward to launching our next generation of products together with reseller partners that share our passion to  grow them successfully and advance on a potentially lucrative market,” Steve concludes.

To find out more visit:, email Steve on: or call them for free on: 0808 129 3793