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Climate-tech start-up CEEZER secures €1m of pre-seed funding

Climate-tech start-up CEEZER recently announced that they have secured €1m (£835k) in a pre-seed funding round.

The Berlin-based company enables European companies to filter through thousands of certified carbon reduction and removal projects across the globe, compare prices and quality points and buy high-quality carbon credits directly from carbon project developers in just a few clicks. This way, companies can compensate for their unavoidable emissions with more trust and carbon project developers work more seamlessly with corporates.

While reducing emissions is priority number one across corporates from all sectors, many companies need to complement their climate impact by buying compensation and removal credits in a market that is expected to hit $50bn in 2030. This is especially often the case for companies that committed to net-zero pledges. The current voluntary carbon offset market, however, can not always guarantee transparency on pricing, quality and availability.

“We are delighted with the feedback we received around the platform so far and will continue to do everything to enable companies to act in removing CO2 from our atmosphere. With the new funding, we will grow our team of industry experts and focus on a product that ensures unparalleled transparency and guidance for both sides of the market.” says CEEZERʼs CEO and Founder Magnus Drewelies.

CEEZER works with both large project developers across established standards as well as smaller removal players to offer access to a balanced, high-quality portfolio. Much like on AirBnB, developers use CEEZER to create listings, highlight key quality indicators of their projects, set pricing and manage their carbon credits inventory. Early partners are closely involved in defining radically new services such as price recommendations from CEEZERʼs own benchmarking algorithm.

Oliver Heinrich, Partner at Picus Capital, was immediately convinced by CEEZERʼs vision: “Magnus and his team are building the much-needed infrastructure for the voluntary carbon market, thereby creating transparency, establishing trust and facilitating transactions.

“They are addressing a truly vital challenge because offsetting is decisive to fighting climate change. We couldnʼt be more excited to be partnering with CEEZER in creating positive climate impact.”