CMA secures refund rights for McAfee customers across the UK

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Following Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) action, McAfee, a supplier of anti-virus software, has extended its refund rights for all customers whose contracts have auto-renewed.

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The changes secured by the CMA as part of its investigation into the anti-virus software sector include ensuring that customers whose contract auto-renews for another year will be able to end their contract and seek a refund for the remaining months. In addition, this new refund right will be backdated for people who were previously refused a refund in 2020. The process for turning off auto-renewal will also be made more straightforward for customers in the future.

Andrea Coscelli, CMA Chief Executive, said: “People should not be tied into auto-renewing contracts for products they no longer want or need. Because of our investigation, it will be easier for McAfee’s customers to get money back if a contract renews when they didn’t want it to.

“Subscriptions should be clearly described, easy to exit and customers should not be tied into ongoing auto-renewals without adequate refund rights. Companies who use auto-renewals unfairly risk action from the CMA.”

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