Connecting people to affect digital transformation

Written by Charlie Cannell, Digital Director at Inflexion

It’s well known that digital enhancement can transform a business. This is particularly true in mid-sized firms, which may lack the know-how, funding or resource to grasp this opportunity. Finding the right partner can help such firms make the most of what they have.

Though many business publications extol the virtues of digital transformation, few detail the ‘how’ – likely because no two companies will have the same path to digital success.

For some it may mean optimising pay-per-click spend on Google and Facebook in order to drive sales in a direct-to-consumer e-commerce scenario, while for others it may mean overhauling the tech platform to ensure the right foundations are in place. The process – from identifying the best course of action through to executing on this – may be accelerated by choosing a partner experienced in supporting a variety of companies to scale through digital enhancement.

This is illustrated through the story of Lintbells, a fast-growing business specialising in nutritional supplements for pets. The firm’s low online conversion rate made it reluctant to invest in digital marketing, and management had been quoted a seven-figure sum and two-year timeframe to fix its unstable and inefficient tech platform. Instead, Lintbells sought a partner to drive its growth, and in late 2017 chose Inflexion for its network and experience. A Chief Commercial Officer, as well as a Chief Technical Officer, were appointed using the backer’s connections, and as a fresh site was launched in just seven weeks. The benefits were clear: six months later, online conversion increased 57%, Q4 2018 sales were up 75% year-on-year, and efficiencies in admin and distribution from the new platform boosted profits as the same team were able to triple order-processing capacity.

The case of Virgin Experience Days’ digital enhancement is equally positive. The business had wholly outsourced the delivery of its online platform, with a small internal team delivering the enterprise systems for voucher processing leading to a poor customer experience and low conversion rates. After partnering with Inflexion, a digitally experienced Chairman was appointed, while a review of VED’s digital operations saw its in-house technology rebuilt. It meant a highly skilled team was in place within six months of partnership, leading to an increase of on-site searches and mobile conversion by over 36% each.

In the last six years, Inflexion has reviewed over 100 businesses with digital enhancement built into the partnership proposition. This is at both a B2C and B2B level and means we are well placed to help determine what needs to be done and then connecting our portfolio to the right experts to facilitate this.