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According to the 2021 Tech Nation Report, Bristol saw £339m of investment into tech businesses in 2020, and the West of England is now recognised as a destination for tech entrepreneurs and digital innovation.

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Many businesses, including professional services, are utilising technology to evolve. FinTech is a good example.

According to a report by Whitecap Consulting, regionally over 61,000 people now work in financial services including 3,400+ roles directly in FinTech. Bristol is one of the few UK cities to have a dedicated FinTech accelerator.

Stuart Harrison, Director at FinTech West said: “FinTech has already changed the face of financial services for businesses and consumers. We’re delighted to see Bristol & Bath named as one of the UK’s strongest Fintech clusters, with FinTech growth happening across the South West. To keep growing any cluster it’s critical to have adequate supply of both funding and talent. It’s great to see Weston College so enthusiastically involved as it can help make an important impact on the future of both its students and regional business by helping developing the talent needed.”

The legal sector is also embracing the use of technology. The recent Bristol & Bath LegalTech Report confirmed that over 750 people are now employed in LegalTech roles in the region. Law firms are now using technologies, alongside AI and Machine Learning, to read and analyse documents. Firms are investing in tech adoption namely data production, analysis and automation to drive efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

Chris Bull, Legal Consultant and Principal at Edge Consulting said: “The legal services sector has been undergoing major changes and reshaping itself as a more digital, innovative and accessible industry. New roles and routes into the law have opened up, including through apprenticeship and alternatives to the traditional degree and training contract path. The 2021 research report into Bristol and Bath’s LegalTech cluster found over 750 people working in legal technology and innovation in the region; the opportunities for a much wider spectrum of young people to enter legal services here have never been greater.”

However, there is a challenge ahead for employers to access tech talent. A competitive recruitment market is evidenced by software developer being the highest ranked job vacancy in the West of England recently.

With digital skills being fundamental to economic growth and recovery, Weston College continues to engage with and listen to employers ensuring we understand the support businesses need to thrive, whether it’s upskilling the existing workforce or accessing future talent.  We have been working with leaders across the tech industry to evolve our offer to ensure Weston College is the training destination for tech talent.

We’ve developed and streamlined our website to make is easier for employers to understand and access the wealth of learning opportunities and expertise available. Discover the newly created TECH WESTON web page, and see the range of bespoke training, online courses, skill-specific bootcamps, apprenticeship programmes to industry placements:

Or alternatively, if you’re a tech business looking to access future talent, reach out to my team at

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