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Connick Tree Care becomes employee-owned

Staff at Connick Tree Care have started 2023 with a share in their own success, by becoming employee-owned.

After 38 years in operation, the tree preservation and maintenance business will now be owned by its staff, as an Employee Ownership Trust [EOT].

From today, the Connick Tree Care business will be owned by its 75-strong team. Each employee will share a slice of company profits, and the majority of its shares are now held in trust for the benefit of current and future staff, at no cost to them.

Connick Tree Care is a Surrey, Sussex, and Berkshire-based business, working across Southern England. The organisation had previously been owned by Managing Director Mike Connick, who works with the team as it moves to an EOT model, as part of a long-term future-proofing plan.

Mike Connick, who will still be central to day-to-day operations, believes the shift to this shared ownership model is a logical step for the company and aligns with its principles of care, trust and family.

    Mike Connick said: “I’ve been Managing Director of the business since the start, but without a doubt, it’s the team who’ve built our organisation. It’s their hard work which has allowed us to remain successful over the years and adapt to changing market conditions and business needs.

    Connick Tree Care celebrates becoming employee-owned.

    Connick Tree Care celebrates becoming employee-owned.

    “Becoming an EOT means the business will continue as I plan ahead for my future retirement and will see the team directly benefit from our onward growth.”

    Connick’s management team and employees remain unchanged as an EOT, but all employees will become beneficiaries, eligible to share in the trust’s profits. An Employee Council will oversee business decisions on behalf of the trust.

    Jane Newington is Connick’s Office Manager, and Employee Council Chairperson. She said: “Becoming an EOT will enable everyone to have their say in how the business is run.

    “This model will bring the staff closer together, as they’ll know they’re making positive changes that will move the company forward. We’re very much looking forward to holding our first council meeting soon.”